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Book your next event at Bonita Center for the Arts!

We are BOOKED through September 2024.

In August 2024 there is only weekdays available. NO Saturdays or Sundays are open.

October 2024 through June 2025 will not be available to book until May 2024.

We are not accepting any new client bookings for December 2024.

Please tell us about your specific event requirements and we'll get back to you shortly to help work out the details.
Note that the public BCA calendar

may not be listing all currently booked rental events.

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Rental Policies

Audience Attendance

  • The auditorium’s total capacity is 700 guests.

  • If the event is ticketed. The User agrees that they will not over sell, print or admit more than 700 tickets. If the event is not ticketed, entry to theatre will be limited when at capacity.

  • Printing of tickets is at the discretion of the User. A seating chart will be made available upon request.

  • At no time shall the audience count exceed the capacity of the auditorium whereby every patron shall be required to have a seat.

  • BCA will provide safe conditions with restrooms for the estimated audience attendance.

  • The User understands that at no time may a guest stand or sit or in any other way block an entrance, exit, stairway, or aisle way. If a guest is found to be blocking a said area the House Manager or Event Manager will escort the guest to a seat or appropriate location.

  • It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that all special guests, participants, performers, etc., that will be sitting in the house during the event are included in the overall house ticket count.

  • Unless the event is assigned seating, all events are on a first come, first serve basis. There will be no reserved seating by the guests or User permitted. If seating needs to be reserved, the User must arrange this with the House Manager, no less than 20 minutes before the house opens doors.

  • Ticket sales will only be sold utilizing the provided ticket booth. At no time will tickets to the event be sold on the plaza area.

  • Signs, banners, or displays are not permitted to be nailed, screwed, tacked, or taped to any walls, doors, surfaces, or windows of the BCA complex. These items will be removed, and appropriate charges add to the contract, to refurbish that damage.

  • Management must approve placement of any display or signage, and how it will be placed prior to use.

  • All performers and Users representatives shall adhere to standard theater etiquette. Therefore, loud, unruly behavior and / or obscenities will not be tolerated. Any person engaged in such behavior will be ejected from the facility.

  • The BCA House and Event Managers are completely responsible for the operations of the Lobby and Plaza.

  • The House and Event Manager will be the only individuals to decide when to open the Audience Chamber and will be responsible for enforcing all current policies. The House and or Event Manager may make decisions at their discretion.

Backstage Capacity

Our backstage dressing room capacity for performers, volunteers, and event staff is limited to 160.

Disability Accommodations
  • The BCA is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible.

  • Parking spaces for wheelchair vans are located near the loading dock, artist entrance, and the front of the auditorium. 

  • Assistive Listening Devices are available through the House Manager

  • Elevators to the balcony and parterre are available.

  • This building is equipped with an Area of Refuge with a panic button in the balcony in the event of an emergency.

  • An AED device is located near the lobby for quick access.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, it would be our pleasure to help you.

Building Times

  • The contracted start time, in which the User has booked the building, is the time the doors will open first to the User. Not the start of any rehearsal or show.

  • The start time should be approximately 30-45 minutes before the desired start of any rehearsal.

  • The start time should be approximately 90 minutes before the desired start of any show.

  • The Artist Entrance or Loading Dock Door will be open at the start time to the User only. No member of the performance company or the client’s staff will be permitted entry until the Contract Holder or Director in on the premises.

  • The end time is the time the doors will close to the User as the of any given day. Not the end of any rehearsal or show.

  • The end time must be at least 30 minutes after the desired end time of any rehearsal.

  • The end time must be at least 1 hour after the desired end time of any show.

  • BCA standard policy for opening the audience chamber to the public is no less than 30 minutes and no more than 45 minutes prior to the performance.

  • In cases of emergency or special circumstances, the opening of the front of house may be held for a maximum of 15 minutes. The Bonita Center for the Arts Management reserves all rights to such a decision.

  • Prior to opening the house, the User shall be so notified by either the Event Manager or House Manager for the Art Center.

  • The User will not open the house without the consent and assistance of the Event Manager or House Manager.


Audio/Video Recording and Photography

  • The Bonita Center for the Arts does NOT provide recording services.

  • The BCA does NOT offer audio or video production services.

  • If recording services are required, then professional services will need to be hired at the expense of the Client.

  • The BCA assumes NO Responsibility regarding “Noise”, “Grounding Issues”, or “Ambient Sound”, from Mechanical Systems or from the Audience itself.

  • The BCA does NOT agree to license or indemnify any person, organization or business, including professional recording services; that chooses to record any activity at the BCA facilities.

  • The staff at the BCA MAY NOT be recorded or photographed at any time.

  • The BCA is not responsible for obtaining proper authorization with the intent to record any and all copyrighted materials.

  • The BCA shall be held harmless with regards to any portion of a production that is video or audio recorded, and the Producer, Promoter or Client which is using the BCA facilities shall assume ALL responsibilities with regards to recording taking place by production staff, audience members and/or guests of the BCA.



  • No smoking in allowed On Property of the Bonita Center for the Arts.

  • The Bonita Center for the Arts is not responsible for the loss or damage to any property brought into the facility or left in vehicles parked on the premises. It is the User’s responsibility.

  • Security Staff may be required when deemed necessary by Management.

  • Visitors are not permitted backstage. Only performers and the staff of the Client are allowed.

  • Staff of the Client, including Volunteers must be identified with either a wristband or lanyard.

  • Animals are not permitted within the Bonita Center for the Arts. Guests or Users with animals must comply with all requirements as permitted by the American Disability Act.

  • Animals used for performance purposes must be accompanied at all times by an Animal Trainer or Personal Handler.

  • The side doors in the audience chamber next to stage and at the back of the parterre are for emergency use only, and will not be used as an entrance or exit at any time.

  • Vehicles must be parked in designated areas at all times. Loading and Unloading must be made by prior arrangement with Management.

  • Helium Balloons are not permitted in the Art Center at any time. Decorative balloons require management approval prior to load-in.



  • Food and Drink are not permitted anywhere within the facility at any time.  Bottled water is permitted.

  • Special events that require catering, must be made 30 days in advance and the Bonita Center for the Arts hold first right of refusal for catering such events.

  • Special events that seek to sell hot food to Guests as a Concessions option will need to be approved by Management 30 days before show. Hot food sales can only take place 1 hour before show, with sales being cut off 15 minutes before Lobby doors open. As a reminder, no Food or Drink is permitted anywhere within the facility at any time. 

  • Alcohol is not permitted.

  • All items to be sold must be approved by Management prior to sale.

  • Food and Drink (except water) is not allowed inside the dressing rooms, on stage, in the auditorium.

  • These rules apply to guests, performers, judges, special guests, volunteers and employees of the Bonita Unified School District and the Client.


  • All advertising materials must state that your event is being held at the “Bonita Center for the Arts”. This includes but not limited to, flyers, t-shirts, programs, radio announcements, and television commercials.

  • No part of the interior or exterior of the “Bonita Center for the Arts”, may be photographed, filmed or videotaped without the express permission granted by the Bonita Unified School District.

Building Layout

Snip of Building Map.PNG


The plaza is between the parking lot and the entrance to the lobby. This outdoor area is partially covered and suitable for concessions or merchandise sales.


The patio is a large uncovered outdoor area with greenery surrounding. It is behind a gate. This space is suitable as a holding area.

Scene Shop:

This space can be used to store scenic elements or be used as a green room or holding area for performers. It is a public area and not suitable for dressing.

Scene Yard:

The scene yard is a large uncovered space that can be used as a holding area for performers. There is also 3 parking spaces available for crew and clients. The scene yard is the best place to unload large amounts of scenic, props, or costumes.

Click Image to open PDF

Company Room:     

28’-0" L x 34’-0" W x 17’-0" H

Lower level, adjacent to stage, near the production office.

Typical table and chair setup for 60

44” flat panel video monitor

Dry-erase whiteboard

A/V panels, isolated ground outlets for audio, intercom

60 A, 3-phase company switch

20A isolated power outlets for audio

High-Speed Wi-Fi, Wired internet

Can be configured as a dressing room, rehearsal space, black box, dining area, and more.

Dressing Rooms:   

2 Dressing rooms, identical ammenities.

Each dressing room has 1 toilet, sink, and shower.

Space for costume racks

12 makeup stations per dressing room with power and storage space.

Mirrored walls with modern lighting

Wall-mounted 2-channel Intercom

44” flat panel video monitor

Synchronised LED clocks with Stage Manager

Program feed audio monitors


Stage Dimensions

Plaster to back wall: 43’-4”

Plaster to 1st line set: 5”

Plaster to last line set: 36’-5”
Stage lip to plaster line: 7' - 8 1/2"

Stage lip to back wall: 47’-3”

Stage lip to curtain line: 10’-0”

Stage lip to line set #1: 8’-1”

Stage floor: 88’-0” wide x 52’-0” deep

SL wing: 12’-0”

SR wing: 14’-0”

Stage lip to FOH mix position/show control: 65’-0”

Stage lip to spot booth windows: 73’-0”


Height 28’-0”

Width 49’-2”


Hard Torms onstage full: Proscenium 40’-2” Wide


Grid height:

Deck to underside of I-Beam: 48’-2”


Stage height:

Auditorium floor to stage: 3’-1”


Sprung floor, Masonite cover: 88’-0” wide x 52’-0” deep


Color: Black


Crossover: Dedicated


Orchestra pit: None

Click Image to open PDF

Snip of Stage with Dims.PNG

Orchestra & Choir

Acoustic Shell
Orchestra Shell Configuration (Full Stage)
Choir Shell Configuration (Half Stage)
Conductor Podium and Music Stand

1 - Wenger grey carpeted podium (3'-7" W x 3'-2" D x 6" H)

1 - Wenger Flex Conductor Stand  (2'-3" W x 1'-8" D, Height is adjustable from 2'-6" - 4'-0".)

Choral Risers

9 - Wenger 4-Step Signature Choral Risers (6'-0" w x 4'-6"d)

Piano and Bench

1 - Steinway Music Room Grand - Model B (6'-11" L)

1 - Jansen Artist Bench (adjustable from 18” to 21” H)

Music Stands / Chairs

 80 - Wenger Music Stands    

120 - Wenger Musicians Chairs



7 - Crown CTs 3000

2 - Crown CTs 8200

1 - Crown CTs 600

1 - Crown CTs 1200

        House Speakers

House Right: 3 - JBL VRX932LA1, 1 - JBL VRX900

House Center: 4 - JBL VRX932LA1, 1 - JBL VRX900

House Left: 3 - JBL VRX932LA1, 1 - JBL VRX900

Balcony Delays: 2 - JBL AC28/95

        Monitor Speakers

6 - QSC K12

4 - JBL PRX715



2 - AKG C214

3 - Beyerdynamic TG D58c

4 - Crown PZM30D

7 - DPA 4011

1 - Earthworks Piano Mic PM40

2 - Earthworks FM500HDM

1 - Electro-Voice RE20

10 - Sennheiser MD421

1 - Shure Beta 91A

6 - Shure SM57

6 - Shure SM58

1 - Shure KSM137

Wireless: [ G1 470-530 MHz, H50 534-598 MHz ]

12 - Shure UR1, bodypack 

10 - Shure UR2, handheld 

2 - Shure UR3, transmitter

8 - Shure ULXD1, bodypack
22 - Shure E6

12 - Shure E6I

10 - Shure E6X
6 - Shure B3W4FF05L-SL



6 - Whirlwind 6 channel

2 - Whirlwind 8 channel

1 - Whirlwind 16x8

2 - Whirlwind 12x4

2 - Whirlwind Powerlink, 2 XLR, 2 outlets

2 - Whirlwind Powerlink, 2 XLR, 4 outlets



3-pin XLR, 5', 10', 25', 50'

4 - Shure WA304

Mic Stands:

6 - Atlas straight stands

6 - Atlas long boom arms

6 - Atlas short boom arms

10 - Ultimate straight stands



Yamaha CL5

        Processing / Playback

3 - Yamaha Rio 1608-D

2 - Symetrix Radius 12x8

1 - Crestron AV3

2 - Radial USB Pro

2 - Radial Twin Iso

2 - Radial J48

2 - Radial Pro DI

1 - Radial JDI

4 - Whirlwind Imp2 DI

2 - Radial StageBug



Clear Com FreeSpeak 4-channel wireless system- 5 wireless packs

Clear Com Encore 2-channel speaker stations


Stage Power / Distro

1 - 200A Company Switch, Audio Isolated Ground

2 - 400A Company Switch, Lighting

1 - 200A Portable Distro
1 - 100A Portable Distro

Dimmers / Circuits

Strand ShowNet protocol from FOH to dimmer racks, N21 ShowNet Nodes output DMX-512 throughout the building.

4 - Strand C21 Dimmer Racks, 2.4 kW per dimmer, 384 dimmers, dimmer per circuit

41 - Non-Dims throughout the building, L5-20 connectors

Socopex dimmer outputs on stage to 20A SPG break-outs, no permanent raceways on battens or alcoves.

Catwalks and Balcony raceway circuits are 20A SPG

Lighting Control Desk
ETC EOS Titanium,  4 DMX Universes
        Instrument Inventory        

  6 - ETC Source Four, 5°, 750W

  6 - ETC Source Four, 10°, 750W

12 - ETC Source Four, 19°, 750W

36 - ETC Source Four, 26°, 750W

36 - ETC Source Four, 36°, 750W
  6 - ETC Source Four jr., 36°, 575W
  6 - ETC Source Four jr., 36°, 575W

  6 - ETC  Source Four 15°/30° Zoom, 750W

  6 - ETC  Source Four 25°/50° Zoom, 750W
48 - ETC Source Four PARNel, 575W

38 - ETC Source Four PAR, 575W (permanently mounted in orchestra shell clouds)

8 - VARI*LITE VL2500 Spot

  8 - VARI*LITE VL550 Wash

12 - Selecon PL1 LED Cyc Lights

20 - Selador Vivid-R LED

        Pipe and Base

10 - 50#, 1 1/2", threaded pipe base, black

6 - 1 1/2" x 6'-0", threaded black pipe

6 - 1 1/2" x 14'-0" black pipe

12 - 1 1/2" x 3'-0" black pipe

1 1/2" pipe clamps available

        House Lighting Plot- UPDATE IN PROGRESS
Hookup List

2 - Lycian M2


Video / Projection

1 - Projection Screen

DaLite, H 16’-0” x W 25’-0”

Front Projection Screen with Fast Fold Truss

Lineset: 15

Viewable height: 15'
Distance to projector: ~80'

Aspect ratio: 16:9


1 - Christie M Series 3DLP Projector
     Model:  WU14K-M WUXGA 
     Resolution:     1920 x 1200 WUXGA
                              Video or images that exceed this resolution will be converted to 1,920 x 1200 pixels.
                              Undersized video or images should be no less than 960 x 600 pixels.
     Brightness:     14,000 center lumens
                              12,500 ANSI lumens
                              14,062 ISO lumens
     Contrast:  Up to 2,500:1
     Illumination:  Dual 450W NSH


Fly System

Type of fly system:

Single purchase counterweight.

System operates stage left at deck level.


Total Arbor Capacity (LBS.): 2,000


Arbor Live Load Capacity (LBS.): 1,680



Full brick: 22#

Half brick: 11#


Available counterweight: 15,000 lbs.

Backdrops: NONE. Typical rental backdrop dimensions are 22'H x 50'W



Quantity: 33

Length: 56’-0”

ID: 1  5/8” 

OD:  1  7/8" 

Distance Marks: every 1'-0"

Number of pick points per batten: 5
Distance between pick points: ~12'-0"
Distance from last pick point to end of batten on both sides: 4'-0"
Distance of batten to the deck: 4'-0"

Working height of battens:

Pipe in trim: 4’-0”

Pipe out trim: 42’-2”

Electrics trim: 24’-0”


I-Beam Grid:

Underhung I-Beam
Orientation: Upstage/Downsatge

Deck to underside of I-Beam: 48’-2”
Height of I-Beam: 2'-0"

Width of I-Beam: 9"

Thickness of bottom flange: 3/4"

Number of I-Beams: 7

Number of I-Beams used to support battens: 5

Distance between I-Beams: 8', 12', 12', 12', 12', 8'
Space above I-Beam for chain: No. Flush with ceiling. 
Access to grid: Genie AWP-40S + Genie Super-Straddle

Loading Bridge:

Stage Left: 34’ above stage floor


Mid Bridge:

Stage Left: 25’ above stage floor


Chain motors:

2 CM 1-ton


Pin Rail:

Stage Right: 33’-6” above stage floor

Stage Left: 28’-6” above stage floor

       House Draperies

House Teaser

Dimensions: 12’-0” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: Plum Encore 64 in IFR 22oz

Lineset: 3


House Curtain (Main)

Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 51’-0” wide

Type: Black Encore 64 in IFR 22oz

Lineset: 4 Permanent hang, Traveler, no Guillotine


Midstage Traveller

Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 51’-0” wide

Type: Black Encore 64 in IFR 22oz

Lineset: 19 Permanent hang


Upstage Traveller

Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 51’-0” wide

Type: Black Encore 64 in IFR 22oz

Lineset: 32 Permanent hang



Quantity: 5

Dimensions: 8’-0” high x 84’-0” wide no fullness

Type: Black Encore 64 in IFR 22oz

Linesets: 7, 11, 16, 21, 26



Quantity: 3 pairs

Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 12’-0” wide

Type: Black Encore 64 in IFR 22oz

Linesets: 8, 13, 25


Projection Screen

DaLite, H 16’-0” x W 25’-0”

Front Projection Screen with Fast Fold Truss

Lineset: 15



Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: Black FR Sharkstooth



Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: White FR Sharkstooth



Dimensions: 22’-6” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: White FR Sharkstooth



Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: White Leno Filled

Lineset: 33



Dimensions: 22’-6” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: White Leno Filled



Quantity: 10

Dimensions: 29’-6” high x 6’-0” wide

Type: Black Encore 64 in IFR 22oz


Heat Stop Borders

Quantity: 4

Dimensions: 8’-0” high x 56’-0” wide

Type: Black painted fiberglass, safety border

Linesets: 7, 11, 16, 21


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