Video Clips

Below are samples of video content generated by the public at the Bonita Center for the Arts.

Certain types of content require that it be viewed directly from their sources. The BCA and BUSD do not claim copyright nor are responsible for the content. Contact Us if you would like your content featured here.

Grace Miller Elementary Holiday Concert - 12/4/2017

Bonita Center for the Arts
Ramona MS Holiday Jazz Concert

from RamonaMSBand

Allen Ave and Roynon Elementary School "We Sing for the Children" Winter Concert 5:30pm Show 12/2017

Bonita Center for the Arts
Bonita HS Holiday Jazz Concert

from RamonaMSBand

Bonita Center for the Arts

Allen Ekstrand Gladstone Roynon Elementary School - Winter Concert - 7:30pm Show 12/ 2017

Bonita High School Pop Show

- Legends of Pop - 2018

SDHS Drama “The Great Gatsby” Preview

Bonita Unified Reflections Awards Ceremony

Los Angeles Chinese first original experimental dance drama "Nirvana" North American premiere highlights

Kevin Su: Concert Overture No. 1 (2016)

大漠行-古筝 Journey to the Desert by Cookie Zhao and Arthur Lin