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There are lots of ways you can earn extra credit in this class. 
I hope you take the opportunity to try all of them. 
You may earn up to 100 points of extra credit.
Check with me BEFORE you attempt any extra credit.

Point value - Project Description

15 - Go see a play, write a report (attach ticket stub)
15 - Go see performance art, write a report (attach ticket stub)
15 - Sketch/draw/paint/illustrate 3 theatre terms
15 - Bring in a play/theatre reading and perform it for class
15 - Create costume sketches in color for 3 characters in the play
20 - Lead a 10 minute discussion on a Theatre topic of your choice
20 - Design an original, colorful, 18x24 inch poster for a well-known play (read the script!)
20 - Write a 2-3 page report comparing the film version to a play
25 - Visit a professional theatrical venue. Write a report of the theater specifications, performances they host, and list entry level job opportunities.
25 - Create costume sketches in color for 3 characters in the play, include fabric swatches
25 - Draw/paint a picture of 3 characters in a scene from a play
25 - Develop a theatre-based board game
35 - Write a 2-3 page play report and present it in class (attach a ticket stub to the report)
40 - Make and show a short (2-5 min.) film about a play
40 - Read a play, design the lighting, draft a light plot
40 - Design and build a scale model of a set for a well-known play
50 - Research and create a theatre-history related display board

Participate in play production in your community and earn hours. 


One full page, typed, 1.5 or double spaced, 12 point font 

What is the play or musical title? List the title and the playwright. Play titles will be underlined or placed in italics on typed reports.

Where and when did you see the play or musical?

Write a brief plot synopsis. Tell major plot events, including the ending. 

Give some of your ideas for designing a production of the play. 

If you are reading a play creatively, you should envision various production components. 

Give some of your ideas for set, costumes, music, and/or lighting. Keep in mind that the scene design and stage directions you find in an acting script are usually from the first major production of the play, not those suggested by the playwright. 

a. Give and support your opinion of the play. Did you like it? Why, or why not?
b. Tell what type of theatre you believe would have most success with the play: professional, university, community, high school, elementary school, church, etc.
c. What did you think of the set, costumes, and/or lights? In your opinion, did the design concepts work for the show? Why, or why not?
d. What did you think of the actors’ performances? What character did you particularly like?


If you went to a concert, dance production, live performance art, special production or event, follow the above format but replace the word "play" with whatever event you attended.











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